About Us

Merrion Diagnostic Laboratory Services provide a Laboratory Medicine consultant service for the National Maternity Hospital and Merrion Fertility Clinic.

Histopathology Consultants:

HistopathologyDr. Paul Downey, MB FRCPI FRCPath FFPathRCPI

Dr. Eoghan Mooney, MB FRCPI FRCPath FFPathRCPI

Dr. David Gibbons, MB, FCAP

  • Perinatal pathology including placental disease and investigation of miscarriage, preterm birth
  • Gynaecological Oncology – cancer services
  • Uro-gynaecology pathology
  • Investigation of infertility or subfertility

Haematology Consultants:

HaematologyDr. Joan Fitzgerald, MB BSc FRCPI FRCPath FFPathRCPI

Dr. Karen Murphy, MB FRCPI FRCPath FFPathRCPI 

  • Blood transfusion 
  • Rhesus disease and other blood antibodies
  • Maternal medicine including venous-thromboembolism 
  • Bleeding disorders
  • High risk obstetric haematology

Microbiology Consultant:

MicrobiologyDr. Susan Knowles, MD DCH FRCPath FFPathRCPI

  • Exposure to infection during pregnancy
  • Congenital infection in the unborn baby
  • Vaccines during pregnancy
  • Infection in maternity, newborn and preterm infant patients
  • Infection in gynaecology and fertility patients
  • Sepsis